Thursday, April 12, 2012

Some Of My Favourite Quotes

Every now and then I tweet a meaningful quote about life on my Twitter profile. They are magic words that immediately encourage, uplift and inspire you. Here in this post is a compilation of some those quotes:

'If you live with one leg in the past and one leg in the future, you will have no leg to stand on in the present.' Buddha
'Try remember your dreams. The answers you'll find in them.' SR
'If you have roots, you are strong.' SR
'You don't need a lot to be happy.' SR
'Be kind to someone. It will have a ripple effect in the Universe.' SR
'You do not need to acquire this power, you already possess it.' Dr Joseph Murphy
'Message of the wheat sheaf. Its future is brightest when kernels are smashed because when gathered from the chaff and milled to flour it will nourish man.' Perek Shira
'Generously, and with respect to Creator, sun floods moon with light so earth's barren satellite can bring glow to our nights.' Perek Shira
'Where there's disarray, a judge must restore order. When the world's in turmoil and justice perverted, even the trees suffer.' Perek Shira
'It's nice to be beautiful on the outside. But if your soul is beautiful too...omg.' SR
'Do what feels right for you in order to focus on going forward, think of what you have to do right now and keep your goal in mind.' SR
'We are all one.' SR
'Lives of others put things in perspective for one's own life. Everything is relative.' SR
'The sun shining means so many different things.' SR

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