Friday, March 27, 2009

Literary Showcase

Here's a newsflash before the weekend:
There is a new website for writers wanting exposure. Literary Showcase is a new website that enables writers to upload samples of their work so they can be viewed by publishers and production companies registered with the site. There are currently 25 publishers and production companies registered, with new ones registering everyday. To have a look, visit the site at
Please note that registration is not free. It costs around €30 but it's well worth it.
Go take a look!

Book in a Nutshell Competition

Just to say I have entered the 'Book in a Nutshell' competition being held by The Knight Literary Agency. A writer has to send in three 'compelling' sentences from his/her unpublished manuscript. The first twenty winners get editorial feedback and possible offer of representation. Hold thumbs!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My official website

Hi everyone,
My website is now up and running! You can click on the link above or on this link here
On the site you can now read the first chapter of The Goat Herder.