Friday, April 13, 2012

Contest! Enter And Win A Signed Copy Of The Goat Herder!

The Goat Herder has been out in the world for a reasonable while already and you've all read it by now, right? Just say yes J.

So! If you write a review about the book and send it to me you will stand a chance to win a signed copy!

How to enter:
- Write a review on any online bookselling site like Amazon, Barnes & Nobles etc, or on book networking site Goodreads. All you have to is send me the link when you’ve done it.
- If you've already written a review of The Goat Herder you're good to go, just send me the link. 
- It doesn't even have to be a good review! Be honest. I won't be offended.
- You have until Friday, May 18th, when I will randomly select one winner. So if you haven't read it yet, better get cracking!
- To send me the link, send to my email address:

Good luck!

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