Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Some reviews from the HarperCollins writing forum Authonomy

"Stewart, I've read the first four chapters. I think your ability to evoke a sense of place is excellent, as is the way you compell your readers to turn the page at the end of each chapter." Elinor Evans

"This is a beautiful tale, and told with such a keen eye and attention to detail that the reader is transported. I was intrigued by your opening - as we both begin our books with a photograph, and loved your prose. Your writing is beautifully paced and unusually elegant, with such perfect imagery without any superfluous word; 'a breeze whispered to the languid day' - I could feel that breeze, the atmosphere of that day. I am putting you up on my shelf - just as soon as I've rearranged it. Well done and good luck with this." Judith Kinghorn

"Hi Stewart - A most enjoyable read. Lovely, lyrical writing that took me without effort to Nathi's village. I like the way his enquiring mind raises questions and how he is determined to satisfy his curiosity about the hunting lodge. The stillness, while he watches his goats, or the ants, helps to give your story a lovely, calm flow. For all that, it certainly deserves an airing on my Bookshelf." Elizabeth Jasper

"Good balance (narrative-POV), nice pacing, exceptional descriptive abilities. Like the old photo start, reminds me of the (Time After Time) Chris Reeve movie. Almost like you're painting a picture, rather than merely telling a story." Rocky Lastinger

"This is simply beautiful writing. And a lovely story. You play with the delights and challenges of Africa with such skill - I've been sitting here with a grin on my face just enjoying this. No intention of nitpicking details - just putting this on my shelf." Jo Carrol

"Hi Stewart, The only comment i can make is that this is, in my opinion, a beautiful story. I am amazed at how you bring the characters to life: i am literally there, with Nathi, and i can almost feel the atmosphere. I have never been to Africa, but now feel like i have. You are on my shelf. Good luck." Janie.

"You write with fantastic detail, down to the offering of the photograph. I can't tell you how often I've seen this in film or documentary and noted it, but never considered it might be a sign of respect or an indication that the offerer had nothing to hide. It's this kind of wonderful, knowing detail that fills out your characters so much. Great transportive fiction. Great work here." Jason Riley

"Lovely cover. Good pitch. Wow! The descriptions are beautiful and surpassed my expectations. I could see the boy sitting there. I could see the photo. Can't wait to read more." Joanna Stephen-Ward

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